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Maggie’s Little Angels Fund Maggie is a dog who came to us in the middle of a snowstorm.  She had been hit by a car and left to die in a ditch.  Her spirit, however, would not allow her to give up, and she made her way to a friendly home.  The people she found called HCHS.  A gentleman with 4-wheel drive picked Maggie up and took her to Dr. Jack Gochenour of Willow Park Veterinary Clinic.  The estimate for Maggie’s recovery was astronomical — more than our little shelter could afford to pay for one animal.  

So….we reached out to the public, asking for help.  Maggie’s story made it all the way to television and all of her dreams came true!  People from all over donated to her fund, raising more than enough money to help with her recovery as well as for the recovery for future animals needing extensive veterinary care.

Maggie is now a very happy pup in her own loving forever home!

If you would like for your donation to go to those animals whose injuries, health, and/or maltreatment is severe, in the hope of saving them for their loving forever home, please donate through this PayPal button.