Lost & Found

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If you have found a lost animal, please try the following before contacting the Harrison County Humane Society of Iowa:

1) Your safety is first — if the dog or cat appears or acts in an aggressive manner, please do not approach the animal. You should take a photo (if possible) and call local law enforcement. (feral or unfriendly cats are most likely NOT someone’s pet — please leave those cats be).

2) Please secure the friendly dog or friendly cat in a safe place. If possible, please offer a dish of water (at the least) and appropriate food.

3) Check with your neighbors within a few blocks to see if they recognize the dog or cat or if the dog or cat belongs to him/her. You may take a photo along with you to do so instead of taking along the animal;
4) Call your local law enforcement or City Hall to see if anyone has reported a missing animal matching the description of the one you found.

5) Check the Harrison County Humane Society of Iowa Facebook page to see if anyone has reported a dog or cat matching that description in your area.

6) If not, please post a photo, the area in which the animal was found, the time and date when it was found, and your contact information.

7) If you are able to hold onto the animal for a short time to see if the owner gets in touch with you, we would appreciate it.

8) Otherwise, please call 712-644-3003 to speak with the on-call HCHS Board Member to arrange a time for you to meet a Volunteer Board Member at the HCHS shelter at 106 N. 5th Ave., Logan, IA 51546 to hand over the animal.

9) DO NOT, by any means, just drop off a dog or cat at the shelter without meeting with a Volunteer HCHS Board Member.

10) As the animal is a stray, you will not have to pay a fee. You will need to fill out valuable paperwork, however.