Harrison County Humane Society Wish List

As a not-for-profit organization, HCHS is always in need of donations to help keep us up and running. While money donations are always needed, we also welcome the donation of goods and services. Our Winter Wish List is as follows:

* Dog Walkers.                          * Cat Companions
* Odoban Concentrate.             * Bleach.                                   * Paper Towels
* Dawn dish soap.                     * Extra large trash cans.           * 30 gallon trash bags
* Laundry soap                          * Disinfecting Floor Cleaner.     * Ear wash and Ear Mite treatment
* 13 gallon kitchen trash bags.  * Lawn or leaf bag.                    * Ziplock baggies, all sizes
* Peanut butter.                          * Pet-friendly ice-melt.              * Snowblower
* First aid supplies.                     * Flat-sided Pet Pails (1 qt and 2 qt sizes)
* Brand name canned and dry cat food.          * Grain free canned and dry dog food
* Purina kitten chow.                   * Scoop-able cat litter



*** Please….no treats or foods from China***